Services For Hunters

Service Providers For Hunters & Outdoorspeople In British Columbia

Sometimes knowing where to go and who to call for services such as accommodations, licensed transporters, meat cutters and more while on a hunting trip in an unfamiliar area can be a pain-in-the-butt.  Have a look through our directoy and see if you can find the service you were looking for.

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Cabin Rentals/Remote Accommodations - A listing of some well known and not so well known places outdoorspeople can book for lodging.

Guide Outfitters – A listing of guide outfitters in Western Canada. 

Licensed Transporters – A listing of licensed transporters across the province of BC.  Planes, Boats and Packstrings are available for hire here.

Meat Cutters – A listing of butchers and meat cutters who handle wild game from across BC.

Outdoor Retailers – A listing of various outdoor retailers and shops across the province.

Taxidermists – A listing of qualified taxidermists from across the province.