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Judging Stone’s Sheep In The Field

There has been a long time debate on the aging of rams in the field by counting the annuli on their horns.  This won't be a tutorial on "aging" a thinhorn to the specific year (we'll touch on it) but … [Read More...]


Sitka Gear 2012 Open Country Lineup

Sitka Gear continues to improve their gear offering, especially for mountain hunters and 2012 is no exception.  June 1st sees the release of several new items in Sitka's "Open Country" lineup.  For … [Read More...]

Support The BC Grizzly Bear Hunt

Support The BC Grizzly Bear Hunt

British Columbia has a healthy population of Grizzly Bears thanks to very strict management procedures, of which hunting is one. The simple fact is, we're harvesting more Grizzly Bears every year … [Read More...]


Layering For Your Hunt- Sitka Gear

Layering For Your Hunt Layering 101: With Sitka Founder, Jonathan Hart from Sitka Gear on Vimeo. Layering is an important aspect of equipping yourself for an enjoyable hunt.  Multiple layers of … [Read More...]