2010/2011 BC LEH Synopisis Online

The 2010/2011 BC Limited Entry Hunting synopsis is out and available online. The due date for all LEH entries has been moved up to May 21 2010. The Ministry of Environment is trying to get the draw results out to us much earlier than what happened last year.

BC LEH Synopsis


  1. This is good because they anounced the LEHs to late last year got a moose tag for 5/15a carribou region though

  2. Got sheep draw for phillips creek enyone got eny info to help me in this area?

  3. bchunting says:

    Hey Dick,

    Lucky you!! I regretably do not have any information to help you with your draw. You could try http://www.huntingbc.ca there will be guys on there who may provide some more assistance.


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